Take Back Your Money Power with Jennifer Ruth Russell

The Empowered Living Show

Take Back Your Money Power with Jennifer Ruth Russell

Make More Money & Help More People With Your Gifts

I'm truly blessed to interview and learn from my special guests on The Empowered Living Show.  This episode is packed with widsdom from Jennifer Ruth Russell where she shares her passion for helping lightworkers take back their money power so they can help more people with their gifts.Jennifer goes into detail on how to let go of blocks and patterns keeping you in lack and limitation and shares her 3 steps to allow money flow: Release, reclaim and create.Spiritual Mentor Trained at Agape International CenterJennifer has been a spiritual mentor for over 15 years. She was trained at Agape International Spiritual Center under Michael Bernard Beckwith. As the founder and director of the Soul Ascension Master’s Program, she has helped hundreds of clients and students heal their hearts and lives by connecting to the Divine.Jennifer is also an award-winning songwriter. Her life’s vision is to uplift, empower and transform the world with songs and prayers that open the heart. She has written, recorded and performed seven albums of powerful, uplifting music including her most recent releases “There’s Only Light” and “Lie Down in that Grass”. Jennifer has written and recorded over 75 children’s award-winning songs on the Virtues.

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You can listen to the video and read the full article here. Abundance for Lightworker's SummitPlease join Jennifer for the Abundance for Lightworker's Summit May 31st 2017-June 3rd 2017 here. 

Jennifer's Gift

Jennifer is offering a gift to anyone who feels stuck and would like more support in their financial life.  She is inviting you to come and have a Divine Abundance Clarity Session with the Angels of Abundance, Mother Mary and Jennifer or one of her practitioners. This is for you especially if you feel afraid that you will never have abundance in your life. Apply at: JenniferRuthRussell.com/invite.
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