Profit Is Not A Dirty Word!

Liz J.

Profit Is Not A Dirty Word!

The Profit Geek Speaks

In this episode of The Empowered Living Show, highly trained and educated accountant, Liz Jarvis breaks down the often misunderstood concept of profit.  Liz is determined to find more profit in every business and is excited to teach business owners what to look for.   Watch the video and read the full article here.

It's All About Literacy

Liz realized that business owners these days aren’t literate in numbers, and have very little support from accountants, and that frightened her.  A few years ago she began seeking out y oung entrepreneurs who needed focus and guidance.  She has seen so many entrepreneurs focus merely on sales instead of taking the time to build a business.  So she started a program to teach entrepreneurs about how to track their money.

Sales Aren't Everything

Entrepreneurs watch the wrong measures. If sales are high, they believe business is good, but if their lifestyle is suffering, then something is wrong. Many don’t ask for help with the numbers because they’re embarrassed to admit they don’t understand them, and accountants often won’t tell the owners anything is wrong if they’re not asked. It’s important to know what your measure of success is.

You can watch the interview and read the full article here.

Liz’s FREE Gift

Liz wants to give you a FREE 30-min session via Zoom! She’s seen it all, so no matter where your business is at, she will try to help you make it more profitable! Go here to get your Profit Clarity Session: .  Liz wants to know…what do you think of the name, “Profit Geek?” Add your opinion in the comments below!

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