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My Mission Is To Empower You To Be The Most Vibrant Expression of Who You Are !

You're ready to step up, get visible and transform more lives with your gifts- now it's time to unleash your mojo online! 

I believe in you because I've been where you are.  And I know you can make it!

You're in the right place if you're:

  • Ready to bring all your talents together & feel fully aligned with your message and audience.
  • Tired of being passed over by your tribe who you know you can help.
  • Feeling like you're invisible but don't know what else to do to get your business out there.
  • Ready to be part of my supportive community that you're going to love

And that's where I come in.


Why I now help women coaches & healers unleash their mojo, increase their visibility online & share their message with the world.


My work has been a journey.  I had to shed the layers of protection that my professional career provided for so many years, find my creative, intuitive self again & express myself in a whole new way doing what I love.  Showing up as "all of me" has been scary.  I used to hide in the shadows helping everyone else behind the scenes avoiding the spotlight at all costs.  I had to find a way to increase my confidence, discover my value and unleash my own mojo.  And these components are exactly what are necessary to stand out and be visible online.


I have nearly 30 years in the health and wellness industry as a clinical and administrative dietitian nutritionist, mentor, trainer, program developer and in streamlining and simplifying processes.  I'm an international best-selling author, show host and speaker.  I love to help business owners who are excited about transforming lives step into their confidence, embody their value and unleash their mojo online so they stand out and make an impact in the world with their message! 


Through my signature programs like “Recharge Your Business Mojo” and my show "Empowered Living", I have helped countless women entrepreneurs from all over the world boost their online presence so together with our messages and impact, we can heal the planet.

What My Fans Are Saying

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Lisa helps bring out the best in each person...

Lisa is a dedicated business coach who takes the time to bring out the best in each person and help them find solutions for their business management problems.  On the personal side, Lisa is very approachable and kind.  Lisa was a pleasure to deal with and on one occasion helped me come up with some sensible solutions for my start up VA business.  Thank you Lisa - Tina Marie Kmyta


Lisa Meisels she is one of my coaches. I soo love her she truly has a gift. She has pulled out the power within me from the very first session with her I knew I could do anything. I have been truly blessed by her her programs. She is the real deal and I dont say that about everybody. I came across her in 2016 and now in 2017 I have the title of International best seller. This is just the beginning for me. If you work with her your life will never be the same. Thank you Lisa! - Dawn Loyd


The training sessions were a joy and valuable, but the impromptu support on the community page as well as the live chat with Lisa were integral and led to some significant breakthrough.  -Joyce Biese


When you work with Lisa Meisels, you find non-judgmental support.  Lisa doesn't say, "fix your attitude and all will be well" , she gives you steps; in order of operation. The first step makes the next step possible, until you have made progress and collected the tools to make progress in any endeavor.  She has a down-to-earth approach, using your own concepts of body, mind, and soul to get you stronger in all three areas. It was an eye-opener and a joy to participate in Recharge Your Business Mojo with Lisa Meisels.- Roni Walker


Lisa shares tips and strategies for how to find more balance in your energy, illuminating the different energy "drains" that entrepreneurs have. She helped me see some blind spots that I know will propel my business forward.  So grateful! - Layne Lyons


After reading Lisa's profile on Facebook:"...I'll empower and inspire you to be your best!" I immediately sent a friend request, which she graciously accepted. We began a conversation about my new journey, what some strengths were and areas of opportunity that I had discovered. She immediately set up a phone call so that I could practice with her and receive feedback. That 15 minute phone call was a complete game changer! Lisa was gracious, very knowledgeable, constructive and concise with feed back.( I took 2 pages of notes during that conversation!!) I left that conversation feeling less discouraged and confident.  Now did it work... I had to test this new insight I was given, and well... It DID! I was able to turn a prospect into a client! I am extremely grateful for the time that Lisa took from her schedule to connect with me.  To me this speaks volumes. Her profile, "I'll empower and inspire you to be your best" is not just a tag line. This is what she does, her actions surpass her words! Thank you Lisa! -Julianna Garcia

My Story

I had been in the health and wellness industry as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for nearly 25 years mentoring and training students, interns, new grads, managers and various teams.  I loved it...until new management come in.  I knew it was time to search for other options and I landed online in 2010.


Coming from an academic and healthcare background, the online space was a whole new world.  I did what most people do when I first started.  I thought if I put up a website, got more certifications, created some programs and marketed it "out there" then clients would come, and presto- I'd have a business.  But that didn't happen and I struggled for too many years.


I loved learning new marketing skills but I often got lost following shiny objects that lead me down an empty path.  About the same time, I was expanding spiritually. I explored the question "who am I" in depth.  I had some of the best mentors in the industry and I still didn't get the results I wanted.   My business limped along but I couldn't make it profitable.


After taking some time to sort things out I realized that I had not been bringing ALL of me into my business.  I also realized that I had missed so many of the basics that make up a solid business foundation.  No wonder I had struggled to get noticed online.  That was when I discovered what I call the "secret sauce" that brought all the pieces of the puzzle together- if only I'd have known.  Now, I teach my clients all about the secret sauce so they can be successful.  I've discovered a short-cut that shaves YEARS and THOUSANDS of dollars off the process too!




I’ve been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 1991. I hold certifications in Holistic Life Coaching since 2012. I’ve been a LEAP Therapist since 2014, and I hold a certificate of training in adult weight management. I’m also certified in the Law of Attraction and am a Reiki practitioner.


I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the newly founded Integrative and Functional Nutritionist Academy. I am a member of Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, Dietitians in Women’s Health, and Certified LEAP Therapists.


My first job as a dietitian was in a large teaching and trauma hospital. I was there for 10 years; it was the perfect foundation for my career. From there I started consulting in sub- and post-acute care. I loved being part of a team all working for the patients’ best outcome.


I branched out a bit on the side. I taught weight and behavior management to customers of an insurance company, and to clients of a doctor with whom I partnered. I was fortunate to support the native Hawaiian movement in the 1990s. I collaborated with my professional association and the State of Hawaii to create a local healthy cookbook that we offered as part of a native Hawaiian group nutrition program.


I basically did as many different things as I could to learn new skills and stretch myself. I loved the challenge of getting up on stage and would accept opportunities to speak with the local community and physician groups.


At one of the professional association conferences I attended in my 20s, I listened to a dietitian-turned motivational speaker. That is when the first spark ignited within me and although the concept materialized much later, I knew this is what I wanted to do!



Femanna gets you results by giving you the energy, courage and confidence necessary to experience the life you were born to live. We are all unique at our yet we are all connected and similar. Collectively we will always be supported in our life path.



Through my own journey of rediscovery and my quest for health and happiness, it was clear to me just how important it is to fully enjoy life. That meant not only having a healthy body, but feeling balanced, in alignment and having a healthy outlook on life. As I grew and shifted, I changed my perspective on life. I learned to live in the flow, taking care of my body and my soul.  And I saw how energetic alignment affected my business.  I wanted to share my findings with other coaches so they could elevate their life and business.

Femanna’s name was born from merging “fem” from feminine and “manna” for the miraculous nourishing sustenance from heaven.


I have merged my life experience, collective philosophies, my professional expertise and learned skills together in order to help health coaches, holistic practitioners and healers stand out and become visible online so they get noticed by their ideal clients.


For many years, I lived a powerless life in denial of my core. Because I was not true to myself, I ended up carrying the weight of shame, guilt, fear and other heavy burdens around with me for many years. People throughout my formative years considered me a misfit. However, I know in my more innocent, less clouded years, I had a deep love and respect for myself.


In hindsight, my inner light was too bright for others, which made them uncomfortable. Because I wanted so badly to fit in and be liked, I dimmed my inner being so others felt comfortable around me. The problem with living this way is that eventually it lead me to resentment and victimhood.


Now that I understand the deeper dynamics of why this occurred, I have made a promise to myself to stand in my own power, in integrity with myself and shine my light like a beacon so I can help women like you do the same.


I am able to let go of my story. It helped me become who I am today. I thank it and release it. It has taught me, stretched me, battered me and created the space to become more of who I am supposed to be in this world. I no longer need to hang on to the negative patterns and beliefs. I no longer need guilt, shame, fear or the feeling of abandonment. Those emotions were needed to protect me in the past but not anymore. Now that I have found ME, and as I stand in my power and in courage for all women, I let go of the past to make room for my new story. I still remember it, but I know my story is not who I am.


As you know, kids can be cruel. In school my classmates thought I was weird or different. I remember wanting so badly to fit in. I was made fun of, no one would pick me to play on their teams, and others would laugh at me for hanging out with the “geeks” and underdogs. I was like the ugly duckling. I wanted to be the pretty girl who got to be the leader of the imaginary horse pack that led other girls around at recess in grade school. I wanted to be popular and attract the jocks in high school. I did find my place among the other misfits in school by joining the gymnastics team. I poured myself into my workouts and routines. This was my creative outlet where I could actually feel my own power.


Growing up with a sister who was beautiful, charming and popular challenged my self-esteem. I was simply known as her little sister. I hated being known as the goody-goody little sister. And as I grew to become my own, I was determined to not be the innocent “goody-goody” as I was always referred to. I finally broke through the stereotype others had for me.


This choice caused me to live out of integrity to myself for a long time. This circumstance is an important piece of the puzzle that has helped me figure out why this is my story.


When my mom (who was my best friend) died I was in my early 20s. She became very wise as she transitioned from a vibrant young woman into a still and peaceful being toward the end of her life. She taught me incredible lessons. She introduced me to healthy cooking, alternative medicine and she taught me about the importance of faith in a higher source called God. We both became students of metaphysics. I remember she used to take me to the local psychic fairs and her meditation circles. She taught me that I had options of choosing how to perceive life.


Through the 10 years of her illness she rediscovered herself and lived full-out. She shared with me how she had felt stuck and restricted prior to her diagnosis because she never honored herself. She was a devoted wife and mother. But at the end, what she taught me was to be strong and go for what I wanted in life. She taught me that anything is possible and to know that I can manifest what I want. Because I saw her get to this point in her life on her death bed, I thought it meant that once you had “the answer” or the secret to knowing yourself and being at peace then you were done with this life.


Every time I got close to being at peace and fully being me, I backed off in fear of impending death. In fact, I went so far outside of my core that during college and in my 20s, I lived like a rock star. Looks had always been important to me from my gawky stage but became even more important to me. I loved dressing up, feeling beautiful and being adored by others. The better you looked, the more attention you got. By day I was a student, and later a professional; by night I partied in limousines, private rooms in fancy clubs and high-class parties. I schmoozed among the celebrities, movie stars and band members. I loved the life of luxury; I enjoyed the excitement, but I hated not feeling myself.


I got married and had two beautiful children. I gained 60 pounds with my first child. I definitely looked different than I did pre-children. I noticed that I didn’t get cat-called when I walked downtown and I kind of liked it. I stayed heavy after my second child and couldn’t seem to get those last 20 pounds off.


My husband turned into an addict who was never there for us. I spent many nights when he would not come home wondering if he was dead or alive. I was so ashamed of my life! By day, a conservative professional and by night I lived a lie. I felt so bad that my children’s father wasn’t there for them and I felt if I could give them all the love I had it would help the healing for them.


I couldn’t imagine leaving my marriage. How could I make it on my own with two babies? When I got married, I made a promise “in sickness and health” and I didn’t believe I wasn’t the kind of person to give up or give in. (It seems all so ridiculous looking back because the obvious answer is LEAVE, RUN and never look back!). I was so embarrassed about my life that I constantly lied when people asked me how everything was.


Throughout this time in my life, I felt tremendous pain between the back of my shoulder blades. I knew the fear, anger and loneliness was bad for my health. I could feel it in my body! I feared for the safety of my children, myself and our future. I hated the way I was living, I hated who I had become and I knew something had to change!


One day I came across a journal that I wrote as an eleventh-grade English assignment. There were questions about what was important to me, what I wanted for my future life, who I was, what I loved and so on. As I read it, my emotions reeled and the truth hit me like a ton of bricks. I had been living out of integrity of who I was for way too many years. I had lost me! I had lost the “me” that I loved and I’d lost my hopes and dreams. I had become someone I despised — someone in my wildest dreams I never would have liked. My life was a lie! By day, I faked a smile and told people everything was great. By night I was miserable, depressed and scared. I knew I had to get out. I literally felt that if I did not, I would end up like my mother who felt stuck — and died.


I was finally able to honor my intuition, which had been screaming at me for years. I stood in my personal power and took a huge step forward for me. I had the courage to gather support from friends and family who helped make it possible for me to move out of state and file for divorce.


That experience helped me remember the powerful woman I am. The process of being broken down, fragmented and then pieced back together wreaked havoc on my self-esteem and my whole being. It impacted my body, my mind and my heart.


As it turns out, that place where I felt pain every night was the same area where healers say you can enter your sacred chamber to your soul. My soul had been screaming to me to come home, but I didn’t get it. My body was giving me a warning sign, an alarm that I did not listen to. Because of the stress, my body became weakened and my health was impacted. I was overweight and had been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Arthritis and Peripheral Neuropathy.


What I know is that this is my story; it is not who I am. This story that I lived out in my past provided me lessons to stretch and grow. I had to go through this to become the fullest potential of who I am in this world. I was not a victim until I put myself into victimhood. Once I started living from my core, I felt my power and never looked back.


I do believe that my healthy diet, physical activity, love for mankind, faith and my determination has saved me. It is from this foundation, along with my education and experience that I know I can help others like me start to heal in their body and also their heart.


In the past I my doctors told me I was on my own and that my conditions would only get worse. I was not OK with that! So I kept searching for answers. My quest to heal has lead me to the discovery of cutting-edge research and therapies, as well as new relationships and collaboration with other professionals that think like I do. And as the light brightens on the planet and the consciousness of the masses rises there will be more discoveries because we are not satisfied with the status quo for our lives. More and more women are learning that there is hope.


I know that in order to heal, we first have to love who we are at our core. This is a process. It takes a balance of honoring our physical body and our being within. It’s necessary to have the foundation of health in place to then move into the exploration of inner work.


When you learn how to let go of heavy burdens from the past it will lighten your load and decrease the stress in your life. It’s necessary to re-discover your inner essence so you can live every day from the core of your being. When you live from your core, new opportunities open up and you will see that it is possible to have the peace and energy to do what you were born to do. From this place, together we can ultimately impact the world.


Success Stories



"Now I'm energetic and happier..."

Miriam Baron, Brawley, CA

Before working with Lisa, I was irritable, fatigued, and had annoying physical symptoms like bloating and tremors.  Now I'm energetic and happier because of the right kind of food I should be eating. I would definitely recommend LEAP therapy and being coached and mentored by Lisa.


Now I’m much more aware of my needs, my body, and the foods that are helpful to me to maximize my energy and improve my immune system. I highly recommend working with Lisa.



"Within 3 sessions, I changed my eating habits and now I feel better..."

Kate C. – France

Lisa is responsive to individual needs and very knowledgeable. Her enthusiasm and engagement with me and her willingness to answer my questions helped me focus on myself and my body.


Before working with Lisa, I was having difficulty integrating a number of issues to do with my physical body and weight. Within 3 sessions, I was able to change my eating habits and feel better about myself.


Now I’m much more aware of my needs, my body, and the foods that are helpful to me to maximize my energy and improve my immune system. I highly recommend working with Lisa.


Keyva Taylor image (1)

"She was very supportive, very attentive and listened carefully..."

Keyva - Jamaica

Before working with Lisa, I was confused. She created an environment that made it comfortable to talk. Within 30 minutes, I received clarity and got really good advice. She really listened to my problems
and gave useful information.


Now I’m motivated to work on my goals and improve the quality of my life. I highly recommend working with Lisa. She was very supportive, very attentive, and listened carefully. She truly cares about people and you can tell that she has a passion to help others.



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