Online Expert Interview Series with Guest Angel Erica

Online Expert Interview Series with Guest Angel Erica

Finding Your Light Through the Inner Work

In this interview, gues Erica Mariscal talks about how to discover the answer to any question you have or decision you need to make- instantly!(If you're having trouble streaming the video, you can watch the interview in the video tab here).Angel Erica, is a medium and intuitive counselor with an innate ability to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over. Regardless of the subject matter from relationships, personal development, or finances, she is able to tune into her client’s spiritual energy to provide an in depth reading that offers insight to discover their path. She is the VP of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is active in the community and helps people find their inner selves through her readings and healing work. She wants to touch more people and help them make the changes in their lives to bring them their light and happiness. Her mission is to help millions of people tap into their higher self and find their path and journey.Erica's message is today is the day to make a difference in your life because it is a choice. She wants to stand for awareness and equality on this earth. She wants to change so many lives one day at a time and leave a legacy of helping woman to connect to their higher power and purpose.  You can find out more about Angel Erica on her website here: 
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