Life is Your Canvas, Create Abundance Now Starting Right Where You Are

Michelle Walker on The Empowered Living Show

Life is Your Canvas, Create Abundance Now Starting Right Where You Are

It's possible to create abundance starting right where you are, right now!  In this episode of The Empowered Living Show, my guest Michelle Walker talks about dancing with money, creativity and prosperity.  Michelle believes that anyone can create a life of abundance. She gets excited helping people get out of procrastination and get connected, feel into their dreams, make decisions and take inspired actions to make those dreams come true.

Michelle Walker is a life coach, creative catalyst and abundance muse who helps women heal their dance with money and clear the invisible barriers to prosperity and creativity. This allows them to earn their worth doing what they love and create the positive impact they want in the world. Through her online and in person retreats, and private and group programs, Michelle has touched and changed the lives of hundreds of women around the world.  She runs an internationally-renowned and respected visual thinking company as well as her flourishing coaching practice – all from her 170-acre farm called “Serenity Hills” in rural Australia which she shares with her husband, Lulu (her German short-haired pointer), the cows and oodles of wildlife.

Click here to read the article and watch this exciting interview with Michelle and find out how you can create abundance right now!

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Creative Magic Inspiration Cards are a series of creative cards that can be used as reminders that you are a creative being at your very core and you can express that daily. She recommends downloading those that inspire you and putting them around your house to keep you inspired with creativity.

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