Expert Interview Series: Delegating Your Way to 6-Figures

Expert Interview Series: Delegating Your Way to 6-Figures

In this interview, guest Tracey Osborne shares with us how delegation helps to grow your business and your profits!  She talks about how you can earn more money, get more time and freedom by delegating those things you should not be doing.  (If you're having trouble streaming you can to the video tab here and watch the interview)Tracey Osborne is the down-to-Earth, barefoot and bluejeans, CEO and Founder of Empowered Fempreneurs™ - a company whose sole mission is to empower women on a global scale to own their inner power and create strong, powerful businesses through trainings, events, and an online membership.I ask all my experts what their deep why is.  Tracey wants to inspire and empower as many women as she can to take a stand, own their power, rise up above tragedy and kick ass in life and business. By creating a global, online membership site, has been able to reach more women than ever before. She works less, and makes more money which allows her to spend more time with family.I believe that as entrepreneurs, it's essential to take a stand.  Tracey has told me  "I'm the person who will stand up to your bully because you can't. I’m the person who will face your fears with you, so you can overcome them. ’m the person who wants so desperately to see you succeed. I've been in shoes like yours. I've been homeless. I've been abused. I've been a single mom. I've been broke. I've been well off. I've been lost. Defeated. Scared. Hopeless. That's what my mission is. Helping you step back into that beautiful, bold, amazing self. Helping you find that sense of purpose. sense of direction. Reclaim your passion and put that light back in your eyes. And most of all, helping you become a woman so strong, so confident that people will take one look at you and say, Now she's got it going on. I want to follow her. I want to know how she does what she does. I want her on my side".I know you'll enjoy this interview!  You can find more about Tracey on her website:
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