The Empowered Healing Mentor Barbara Semple

Barbara Semple on The Empowered Living Show

The Empowered Healing Mentor Barbara Semple

Welcome to another amazing episode of The Empowered Living Show!  This week, my guest Barbara Semple talks about how you can shift pain right now.  In this powerful interview, you'll hear about Barbara's journey out of childhood trauma that lead to sickness and near-death, to her now state of health and vitality.  Barbara says "Give me 10 minutes and I'll show you how you can immediately shift your pain right now".  She takes listners through a technique that will do just that.

Barbara has over 40 years of study and practice of mind-body therapies, she's written several holistic health books including the award-winning, bestselling book called, Instant Healing - Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul. In addition, Barbara has written Soul Aerobics® - Conscious Movement of a Soul into Wholeness, an autobiographical book about her Soul partnership in dealing with serious illness, and, her very popular Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness, which uses color, geometric symbols and affirmations to support whole brain healing of emotional pains. Having empowered tens of thousands to expanding awareness and greater confidence for living life well, Barbara coach’s women, and men with challenging, busy lives to harness their natural abilities for lasting relief from chronic pain.”

Click here to watch the full interview.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, download Barbara's FREE Gift.  Her e-book called “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You About Chronic Pain That Keeps You In Chronic Pain” is available at

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