“Egos are Like Farts”


“Egos are Like Farts”

You are going to love this interview with StevieAnne Petitt who is a conscious comedian using humor to "Lighten up Enlightenment".  She makes some great points when talking about how our egos can often be stinkers and how poking fun and being able to laugh at ourselves is important in the process of finding joy.

StevieAnne talks about growing up as a foster child and how humor got her through tough times.  This eventually led her to write her book "Egos are Like Farts", a book endorsed by #1 NY Times Best Selling Author, Pam Grout.  Her story of how she served as a military police officer for nearly 12 years and then found herself is not one you'll want to miss!

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As a Conscious Comedian, Author and Speaker, SteveieAnne Petitt uses humor to engage and inspire audiences to laugh at our human foibles. Her mission is to “Lighten Up Enlightenment” through workshops, presentations and published works.

She believes that each of us are Destined for Greatness, and feels as though finding Joy is often deemed a dark and heavy journey. In reality, we are one purposeful punchline away from peace ~ at any given time!

For StevieAnne, the Greatest Expression of Self is through conscious comedy (that is, finding the humor in life that isn’t necessarily at the expense of others – yet still pokes fun at us as a Collective Whole).

She feels fortunate enough to say that she is typically in a place of gratitude and joy. And when she is not, she will spin her fleeting moments of discontent into something that humbly and hilariously affects her mood into one of joy and bliss!

She says "we all have stories" and though she does not completely subscribe to the idea that they define who we are, she knows that LAUGHTER has been the BEST medicine for her. As a Foster and Group Home youth the latter five years of her adolescence, she always found humor to be her release.
Her dream is to continue to publish works that people find amusing and inspiring all the same! Her first work, “Egos are Like Farts…” has been well-received and she is now working on its “squeak”qual… “I Just SHIFT my CAN’Ts…” – both of which are comedic approaches to conscious living – that is, being aware of our ego’s self-talk and re-framing our ways of thinking so that we live a life that if highly vibrational and fulfilling with little-to-no effort.


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She is offering a Egos-Are-Like-Farts-The-Workbook-Edition.


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Find out more about Stevie Anne Petitt on her websitestevie@begin-being.com 

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