Chloe Rachel Gallaway Is “The Soulful Child”

Chloe Rachel Gallaway

Chloe Rachel Gallaway Is “The Soulful Child”

The Soulful Child Launches

Guest Chloe Rachel Gallaway, Intuitive Writing Coach and Founder of Winged River Writer is The Soulful Child.  Chloe's long-awaited autobiography, "The Soulful Child:  Twelve Years in the Wilderness" launches on September 23rd!  This is a story unlike anything you've ever heard of.  In her interview, she talks about her upbringing in the wilderness, what it taught her about life and how it has given her the gift she now shares when assisting her clients.   Listen to the interview and read the full article here.


Childhood Memories

Chloe’s childhood was spent in the mountain wilderness of New Mexico in the 70’s and early 80’s with her parents and five siblings. Her life was simple. No running water, no electricity, no calendars, and for the most part, no people besides her family. In fact, she says she doesn’t even know her exact birth date. Her memories include encountering bears, and riding a horse off the side of a mountain…not your typical childhood memories!


The Pilgrimage That Cracked Her Open

After many years, Chloe revisited her childhood shack where she grew up.  She realizes now it was a pilgrimage of forgiveness that allowed her to crack wide open and realize her dream.

You can read the article and listen to the interview here.


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