Breaking Through To Abundance & Manifesting More Miracles

Luci McMonagle

Breaking Through To Abundance & Manifesting More Miracles

Imagine breaking through to more abundance and miracles in your life!  That's what we're talking about today on The Empowered Living Show.  This show has been created for you:  My listeners, viewers, readers and guests.  This show is always created with love and with the intention to share deep insights, humor and nuggets of wisdom that will help us all uplevel our lives.

In this episode, I speak with Luci McMonagle who is a world-renowned person of influence and community builder. She is the known as the go person for women that are ready to transform their lives with abundance breakthroughs to have money miracles. Luci is a Transformational Abundance Breakthrough Coach, host of the Wealthy Wednesday Show, and an international best-selling author.  Her mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to become multimillionaires.

Luci has been able to stop patterns of poverty that were riddled throughout her childhood and into early adulthood.   She is a true example of what she teaches.  She talks about her struggles with a poverty-stricken life that was filled with childhood tragedies and traumas and how she vowed not to continue the same pattern.  She made the powerful decision over and over again to transform her life into one of abundance, wealth, and happiness.

Luci has manifested millions in her life while working part-time by Mastering the Art of Abundance. She empowers women to live a spiritual, practical, and powerful life, so they can have more money, more freedom and more joy while having a greater impact in reaching her heart’s desire.

Click here for the full article and to listen to her video interview.  

Luci has been generous in offering her 1-sheet, simple wealth planner at no cost.  Download it here: She wants you to know that this is not a budget but rather a fun planner that helps to bring abundance into your life.

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