Becoming Empowered By Healing From the Inside Out

Nicole Pulvermacher on Empowered Living Show

Becoming Empowered By Healing From the Inside Out

Reconnect & Heal Limiting Beliefs

Nicole Pulvermacher is my guest in this episode of the Empowered Living Show and she talks about healing from the inside out.  You are in for a treat!  She will walk you through how to identify your limiting beliefs, what a "trigger" is (and what to do),  and how to appreciate the contrast in your life.

Healing From The Inside Out


Nicole is a Spiritual Teacher

Nicole is a spiritual facilitator and teacher. She educates people how to reconnect with the essence of who they truly are by giving them the tools to help navigate through a world filled with so much chaos.  Nicole is a certified Life Coach, an Emotion Code practitioner, certified in Tibetan Reiki I & II, and an Ordained Minister. She is also a self-taught artist, freelance photographer, and has a degree in digital media design.

During this past year, Nicole has been allowing her higher-self to guide her to people and places that need healing. It has taught her to go from “Doing” and transition into “Being”. Her life has been filled with one synchronicity after another.

She believes somewhere along the way we became disconnected from our own source energy. This has blocked us from not only “seeing” ourselves but from “seeing” ourselves in the other person.

She Purged Trapped Emotions

She went through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” purging trapped emotions from this life, and previous lives, and she realized she had passed these on to her son and grandchildren. From this, she learned how to identify other people’s patterns, and heal them.

You can watch the interactive interview and read the full article here.

Nicole's FREE Gift

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