Your Authenticity is Your Superpower with Kaela McGuire

Kaela McGuire

Your Authenticity is Your Superpower with Kaela McGuire

Imagine What Would Be Possible if You Were Aware of Your Own Superpower?

You've probably heard numerous people talk about authenticity and what it means to be authentic.  In this episode of the Empowered Living Show, my guest Kaela McGuire talks about authenticity:  What it is,  what it isn't and why the word is so overused.   She explains how discovering and embodying who you are IS your superpower.I loved this interview with Kaela.  She is a shining example of what living true to yourself is all about.  She is real, she is raw and she tells it all.  If you've ever felt misunderstood, I know you'll resonate with this interview!Kaela McGuire is an Intuitive Life Purpose coach, and she’s helped hundreds of empaths embody their personal power and find their place in this world so they can live authentically and make the impact they crave. She has a degree in Humanistic Psychology, studied Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue, and has obtained other various life coaching certifications over the last decade - including dream interpretation, astrology, hypnotherapy, NLP, and guided meditation. Kaela is a starseed empath and understands what it’s like to feel ‘different’ than most people, so she has become passionate in helping others find their way out of society’s structure, and into an authentically fulfilling life of passion, purpose and joy.She talks about her dream life now, what it used to be like for her, what authenticity really means, what to do when someone doesn't support you, how to know if you're making the right decision, breaking through walls to be who you are and so much more!Watch the video interview and read the full article here: don't want to miss out on Kaela's free gift.  It will guide you to embody your personal power:  www.TimeForEmpowerment.Today Kaela says this gift is "A Game-Changing Guidebook that Helps Empaths Embody Their Personal Power with Love".  
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