5 Steps to Uncover Your Mojo

Unleash Your Mojo Online

5 Steps to Uncover Your Mojo

What Does Mojo Even Mean?

People love the word “mojo”, but what does it really mean, and how do you find yours?  In this post, I’m going to tell you what the word means and give you 5 steps to uncover your mojo-baby!  Why is this important?  Unleashing your mojo in your business will catapult you to the next level.  If you’re looking for more success in your business, then read on. The Definition of MojoFirst, let’s talk about what your mojo means.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, “mojo is a noun meaning a magic spell, hex or charm.”  Now I prefer the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy”.  Regardless, mojo means your energy and charm.  It’s the way you show up when you’re confident, excited about life and when you feel aligned with what you’re creating. How Do You Find Your Mojo?   The best way to tell you how to find your mojo is by giving you an example.  The last mini-course I taught, my mojo was on fire!  I enrolled 75 people in just 2 weeks with no advertising!  Why?  I was super excited to teach the course I created.  I was perfectly aligned with the content and the students I enrolled.  Have you ever created something that you’re so excited about and you want to share it with the world?  When you exude that kind of energy, you have the quality that attracts people to you.  Mojo is about radiating out the energy of who you really are.When you're feeling stuck, doubting yourself or are running on fear and lack-based mindsets, you are dampening your mojo.  This contributes to the frustration and overwhelm you feel in your business and life. Here Are 5 Steps to Help You Uncover Your Mojo
  1. Focus on Your Vision
You got into your business for a reason.  Dig deep into “your why” to connect with it emotionally every single day.  This is your fuel.  I believe we are here on earth at this very time for a reason.  You have a purpose in life and your business is an extension of that purpose.Your vision for the work you do in the world is what will drive you forward every day.  Yes there may be common fears that keep you feeling stuck.Now is not the time to let doubt, fear or worries clutter your mind and stop you in your tracks.  Now is your time to radiate your mojo and share your message with the world. 
  1. Make Self-Care a priority.
When you are in a service-based business, you’re giving all the time.  I talk to women all the time who tell me they give when they work, they give to their family at home but rarely do I talk to women who focus on making their own self-care a priority.  You can’t give if you aren’t replenished.  Period.  This is how burn-out happens.  You could even unconsciously be crushing your energy.  When you’re frazzled and tired, your mojo isn’t shining brightly.  Starting right now, take some time for YOU every day. 
  1. Bring Play Back into Your Life
Play is necessary to keep your mojo alive.  The energy of play is very powerful.  So many entrepreneurs sit at the computer all day trying to make their business work.  They get frustrated with technology, all the strategies that need to be implemented and they spend time and energy worrying about the clients they need.  Think about the kind of energy you’re radiating out when you have this kind of day.Instead, when you get stuck, hit a snag in technology or have writers block, get up from behind your computer and play!  Being more playful will lighten your spirit and lift your mojo. 
  1. Boost Your Excitement for Life
You likely started your business with an abundance of passion and excitement.  That feeling usually waxes and wanes.As an entrepreneur, you get that having your own business is exciting in and of itself, but life still happens.  Life can have a way of interfering with the excitement you initially had when you first started.Naysayers, the need to constantly learn new skills that help you run your business, your relationships, your home life; all these can be distractions that pull on your energy, reduce your excitement and dull your mojo.Here are 4 tips to re-ignite your excitement about life: 
  1. Do something fun every day
  2. Go on an adventure
  3. Do something that scares you
  4. Make physical activity part of your routine
  1. Be Yourself
This may sound easy but it’s not.  Since you were in utero, you’ve learned what’s right, what’s wrong and how to stay in society's box.  You’ve learned the rules such as how to dress, how to be proper, and you've learned how you shouldn’t be.  Don’t upset anyone, don’t say what you think if it’s offensive, don’t question authority, etc.  Your mojo gets dulled through the process.  With all the past programming, how do you show up in your business as yourself?Because when you’re not showing up as YOU, your mojo loses its power.Figuring out how to show up as myself not only in public, but for my own self has been my personal journey.  And that’s why women who want to stand out online but struggle with self-doubt seek me out as a coach.  They want to be visible and noticed online, but they’re stuck behind the past programming and that is keeping them feeling invisible.  They have not yet recognized their unique gifts.We are all unique.  You aren’t supposed to be like everyone else.  The world needs the unique gifts that only you have.  Figuring out how to put all your skills and expertise together, package it up into a brand that exudes you and put it out there online is where many coaches and healers get stuck.  And, this is what I love to help them with.  Our gifts come so natural to us, they get overlooked. Often, it takes an outsider with a new and different perspective to validate your gifts.   Knowing yourself, showing up as YOU and spreading your charm on the world are some of the key ingredients to success because that’s your mojo baby!If you are ready to gain more clarity in your message and value, increase your confidence and become more visible, I would love for you to join my community Unleash Your Mojo Online!  
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