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Are your ideal clients passing you by?  Are you tired of not feeling seen? This checklist is for you. 

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Lisa Meisels, has helped dozens of entrepreneurs just like you be courageous, stand out, be seen and boost their online visibility .

She understands holistic coaches and healers struggles to get noticed online. It takes courage to be seen as the real, raw and whole version of who they really are. She helps them stand up to shine their brilliant light!


Lisa Meisels is an Online Visibility Strategist, Founder of the Empowered Living Show & Creator of Recharge Your Business Mojo.

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How living in alignment helps you achieve more success in life.

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When you develop the confidence and courage to be SEEN, you will finally be visible to your tribe!

YOU are here for a reason. YOU have a message!  It's time to STAND UP, STAND OUT and SHINE!

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